Do The Hustle


After the announcement of the end of overtime at my place of employ and the hiring of a new part-timer to share hours in my department I have decided I need to think about increasing my income by doing something else to make money. I need a side gig, moonlighting, a hustle.

I need to learn to hustle. That 70s disco classic performed by Van McCoy that I watched people dance to on tv because I was too young to go to bars. It was/is the perfect song for me. I can’t remember the words to songs and Do The Hustle only has 3 words – do the hustle.

I couldn’t figure out the steps in the 70s and I couldn’t follow them now so I need to learn a new type of hustle. The kind of hustle that makes me money to pay down debt.

I don’t want to recreate my day job, which I love, but I would like to find something different to do. The tough part will be finding something to do that will work around my flexible, part-timer, ever changing schedule that gets posted 4 or 5 days before the next week starts. I am not sure a traditional part-time job would fit around my current work schedule. Most employers want to know what days you available to work a week or 2 in advance.

I need to find something that generates income that I can do on my own time. What types of jobs are those? Are there any jobs like that? I don’t have any special skills except for those I use in my day job. What am I qualified to do? Let the hunt begin.

Try and follow the steps in this instructional video and if you have a hard time with the dancing you can always sing along.

Van McCoy Do The Hustle

January No Spend update

My son brought milk home that he paid for. I think he was feeling guilty about leaving the car on E when I had to get to work.
I stopped at a grocery store to buy some spinach for salad but they didn’t have any. It looked like they hadn’t received anything fresh yet during 2013. I did buy potatoes and they were having a buy 1 get 1 free sale on Cream Of Wheat. I am probably the only person who eats Cream Of Wheat and this is 1 of the few stores in my city that stock it so I bought 6 boxes. I am down to $17.00 but I still have a lot of loose change kicking around there is gas in the car and food in the kitchen. Looks like frozen fruit and vegetables for the rest of the month. Nothing wrong with frozen.

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4 Responses to Do The Hustle

  1. cashrebel says:

    What is your main profession? What hobbies/skills do you have?

    • janesavers says:

      I am a specialist in a very small task specific health care field. My skills do not allow me to pick up hours in other departments. Other than my job I have no skills or talents. I was a waitress in college and I was terrible. I dropped pizzas and drinks all the time and if you wanted something special or different it just wasn’t going to happen. I think I could pour coffee at Tim Hortons or be a greeter at Walmart. Not sure I am qualified for much more.

  2. Louise says:

    I just read your blog through and I’m looking forward to following your story. The job situation is frustrating – seems to be happening everywhere at the moment. all the best with the job hunt

    • janesavers says:

      I think the main job hurdle are my ever changing hours at my regular job. I work a variety of shifts 7 days a week and I find out about 5 days before the next week starts when I will be working.

      Hello to you in Australia and I hope it is not too hot where you are. I have been following the fires in parts of your country.

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