It Costs Me Money In Taxes When People Just Don’t Want To Work

union jackAs a confirmed news junkie I read online newspapers from different parts of the world.   I am very tired this week and can’t handle anything too stuffy so I read the British paper The Daily Mail.   One article caught my eye and raised my blood pressure.   A woman with a giant crowd of children complaining because the British government is going to limit the amount of her monthly welfare cheque.  The woman feels that the government must provide for her and her 8 children.   Apparently she thinks that the other tax payers of Britain should support her and that working isn’t the solution to her financial problems.  

With 8 children aged 12 and under she has her hands full but the average British tax payer didn’t participate in the conception of those children but they are all stuck paying.  This is not a post about who has the right to bear children but an article about how much the average tax payer should be forced to bear.   The British government is capping the amount of money she will receive every month and it will not go up even if she decides to have more children.

I am Canadian and happy to pay my taxes for schools, health care, roads and the millions of other things we need to be a great country but I am tired of pulling more than my fair share of the load because some people choose not to work.   If you are down on your luck I am happy to provide support until you get back on track.  If you are truly disabled I am proud that a portion of my pay cheque goes to support you indefinitely in a way that lets you keep your self respect and independence.   If you just pop out babies to keep the government cheques rolling in then I have a problem with that.   If you don’t have babies but still come up with excuses not to work then I have a problem with that too.

The British mom says she needs more money to pay a series of traffic fines.  600 Pounds worth of fines.  Who does she think she is getting repeated traffic fines and then not bothering to pay and using the excuse that she can’t afford it?  If I can’t afford something then I just don’t do it.  If she can’t afford something she just keeps doing it.

Every country should have a social safety net that offers financial support to those less fortunate.  I am angry because there are people just like this woman who take advantage of that support and take and take and take and never think about taking care of themselves.   People that take more than their fair share hurt the weakest in every economy.   Selfish people hurt the weak who are truly unable to support themselves because people like me get angry at the waste and demand that governments crack down on scammers and the lazy.  The truly needy get lost in the cracks that open up when governments try to tighten up the regulations around the lazy.

If you decide to read the newspaper article about this woman then make sure to also read the comments.   Lots of people in Britain are struggling to pay their bills as the price of everything goes up and they are tired of people wasting their tax dollars.  I am frustrated.

This is more a rant than a post involving any financial advice.   I worked very hard today and I am tired and sore and mentally drained.  I am sure the woman who does not work and has 8 children feels the same but I am paying all my bills and someone else pays hers.  Just not fair.

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  1. We have similar problems in the U.S. =/ Of course, many people on assistance are only on it temporarily and do just fine. Others stay on forever and it becomes a lifestyle. I don’t know what the answer is.

    • janesavers says:

      It is a lifestyle for a lot of people and it can pass from generation to generation too.

      If they tighten up the rules too much needy people lose.

  2. dojo says:

    He he, welcome to my world. :)

    Here we have the following issues:
    1. people who have retired on health reasons (many are not sick, but they bribed doctors to claim they can’t work anymore)
    2. people who are not working or paying taxes just because they don’t want to (most are gypsies), but have at least 3-4 kids (some over 8-10)
    3. people who haven’t graduated high-school and are into unemployment (even if they never worked a day in their lives)
    4. people who are not disabled, but again paid bribes and get support (in a small city in my country most of the locals were supposedly LEGALLY blind, but all drive cars and see well)

    On the other hand there are really disabled people, old people etc. for which I have NO problem with supporting. But of course I have an issue with the ones I described above.

    And now my main issue: I’m paying taxes. A LOT of taxes. I have a small business and pay a lot. I pay health insurance (we have state insurance which is crap, but you cannot use a private insurance in the state hospitals). If you get sick and go to the state hospital you’ll face the following: run down hospitals and very dirty, you need to bribe ANYONE from the surgeon to the man who’s guarding the doors, otherwise you can die there and nobody gives a crap, bad service, infection etc. Sure, there are few hospitals that are OK and doctors who are doing an amazing job on ludicrous salaries, but the ‘norm’ is that you need to bribe left and right.

    If you want a decent service, you’ll pay the fees the private clinics ask, but at least get a good service. Sure, you need to pay the entire fee, as if you were ‘uninsured’, which you are in the private system (since the insurance and taxes you pay for the state don’t apply).

    I’m 35 now and having a baby. I didn’t plan on doing it earlier, since I didn’t think we could afford it. I have paid THOUSANDS of bucks already in healthcare, even if I should benefit from what I’m paying from the taxes. Giving birth at a private clinic will cost me up to 2K, which is huge in my country, where regular folks earn 400-500/month.

    So yes, I’m 100% with you on this

    • Joe says:

      Goodness. That doesn’t sound good at all.
      Have a safe trip to the hospital.
      I don’t like people taking advantage of the system either.
      Kids are too expensive now. With 8 kids, you won’t be able to take good care of them. The government payment isn’t that much.

      • janesavers says:

        Then maybe she should have not have 8 children. I had 2 and it was tough to pay and they have ended up with a lot of student debt because I can’t afford to help them. I am not saying that only some people can have children but we all need to plan for what we can afford.

        I have read your income updates Joe. You can go ahead and have 10 or 12.

        • dojo says:

          Am with you on this one, too. I plan on having ONE kid only (am too old for more and this should be enough for our financial possibilities – so that we do take care of her properly) and waited till we both were sure we can ‘afford’ her. But not all people think like you and me

          • janesavers says:

            I like the idea of my sons having a sibling to rely on if I am not here. Everyone needs someone.

            2 was not that much more cost than 1 until they were teens and started eating me out of house and home. The same cloth diapers, crib, car seat, toys and clothes that were used for the first were used for the second. Post-secondary education is when it really got expensive having 2 but they just had to divide what I had between them instead of having it all for 1.

    • janesavers says:

      Have you ever considered immigrating to a less corrupt country? Would you have to bribe someone to get out?

      You are sensible to pay the extra when the health of you and your baby is at risk.

      • dojo says:

        We’re doing well here (financially speaking) and life is easier for someone who’s earning a good income. And we’re staying away from the crap situations as much as possible :)

        We do plan on leaving the country, should the opportunity arise, we’re very open towards this. Already spent 18 months in NYC at some close friends, so it’s on our list, should we finally get the ‘diversity visa’ (it’s a lottery we’re playing each year). We could also move to some European countries, but right now want to have the baby and see how the businesses go. When the time will come, we’ll be out.

        You can get out of the country easy (just with the ID in other EU countries or the passport in the others), we’re doing most of the traveling abroad, so it’s not a huge deal (the city I live in is few tens of miles from the border). So getting out is not an issue, when time will come.

        • janesavers says:

          I can’t imagine living anywhere other than Canada. Things are not perfect here but it is a safe and caring country. You should visit and you may just want to stay. It sounds like you are a big city sort of person so you might fall in love with Vancouver or Montreal.


    This is a common problem in France actually, as they are far too generous with their social programs (more than in England), believe it or not.

    • janesavers says:

      It is part of the reason for the economic problems in these countries.

      Have what you can afford. That goes for the size of your house and the number of children that you have.

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  5. eemusings says:

    Sounds like the vast majority of my partner’s family, unfortunately. We don’t really talk about it a lot, but the fact is, most of them are bludgers.

    • janesavers says:

      Bludgers? That is a new word for me.

      Most families don’t talk about money but people who are takers and users, like the woman in the article, have no trouble asking for it and even feeling that they are entitled to it even though they have done nothing to earn it.

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