Rich Women, Siriusly, Bundling Services And Money Quickies For December 19,2013

Big_bow_car_heroSirius Radio

My car came with a 3 month free trial for Sirius radio.  So far I haven’t heard anything to keep me listening.  The company’s big selling point is that it is commercial free.  If a commercial comes on a regular local radio station I just push a preset button and I end up at a different local radio station.

The Sirius people sent me a promotional packet today and with an explanation of their pricing.  $16 a month for something that I can get for free?  They can’t be Sirius?


Richest Woman In Canada

Sherry Brydson, of Victoria, British Columbia, has been named as Canada’s richest woman.  Her wealth is valued at $6.5 billion dollars and she is a member of the Thompson media family.   She is the richest woman but also the third richest Canadian.

I had never heard of her before her name hit all the papers this week.  I think she liked her anonymity but now her name is everywhere and people will be driving past her house and taking pictures.   She has a big hedge for privacy but it is time for a big fence and some angry dogs.



Richest Woman In The World

Forbe’s says the richest woman in the world is a 90 year old French woman who made her money keeping my grey roots from showing.  Her father started L’Oreal and her family still controls a large part of the company.  Liliane Bettencourt’s net worth is estimated at $30 billion but at 90 years of age she probably won’t be the world’s richest woman for long.


Communication Fee Increase

I get my cable, phone and internet from the same company.  I had negotiated a package that kept the price of all 3 to $124 per month (HST included).  The deal is up and I had to spend a lot of time on hold today to renegotiate a deal that gives me increased internet with the same phone and cable for $129 (HST included) per month.

I am not happy to pay more but I would have had to switch to get a better deal and my provider is very reliable and I haven’t heard anything good about the other local providers.

All my other bills went up so it only makes sense that this one did too.  Now if only I could figure out how to make my hourly wage increase to match all my increasing expenses.


Should I Pay For Winter Car Washes?

My outdoor water is shut off until spring but my car sure is dirty.   With a freezing rain and travel warning in effect for tomorrow I am guaranteed that there will be lots of salt and sand on the road as well as mucky brown slush.   I don’t want that stuff causing premature rusting on my car.

How often should a car be washed in a Canadian winter?  I have looked online and there is only conflicting advice.  People associated with car washes seem to think frequently is the correct answer.   There are also a lot of people who feel that you shouldn’t do it very often because the water gets in to places that it shouldn’t and can cause damage.   There are lots of online posts that claim soap should be avoided as it damages the paint.

There does not seem to be an easy answer to this question.  I can get a car wash for $7 up to $15.   Then I have to wonder if the $15 wash is actually twice as good as the $7 wash.


Cost Of Christmas Gifts

The average Canadian will spend $587 on Christmas gifts.  I have managed to keep it just under $250 so there must be some people getting some very expensive gifts.   The car dealerships really do deliver cars with big red bows on them for Christmas and Costco had lots of diamond earrings and necklaces valued at more than $5,000 and I saw a man buying something from the expensive case last week.

I have encouraged my sons to help me with some repairs around the house instead of spending money on a gift for me this year.  Students need money for books and tuition they shouldn’t be buying.

I wonder if any blind folded person has ever been led to the driveway for a surprise new car with the big bow on the hood and been very disappointed because their new car was silver when they wanted black?






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11 Responses to Rich Women, Siriusly, Bundling Services And Money Quickies For December 19,2013

  1. Ree Klein says:

    Hysterical read…especially the part about the Sirius radio and the car washes! Thanks for making me smile :)


  2. So many things to think about. First, the car wash thing. I wash it maybe twice a winter when it gets really bad. Yesterday I could get my back door open because enough water had frozen in the door. I would be concerned for that happening everywhere.

    That 3rd richest Canadian – her hedge looks nice, but the corner of the house I can see doesn’t look “billionaire-worthy” to me.

    Good job on your bundle only going up $5… It’s always such a challenge when the promo is over.

    • janesavers says:

      Maybe the outside of the house is simple to fool gawkers?

      Whenever there is a nice day the line up at the car wash is huge. I guess I should get in that line.

  3. Bet Crooks says:

    Go with as few car washes as possible. Salt doesn’t rust cars – water plus salt rusts cars. We only wash ours a few times a winter; we just squeegee all the windows each time we fill up. (And how far do you get from the car wash before you’re covered again anyway!) We’ve run 2 cars into the ground at over 14 years old each and neither of them had any noticeable rust on them. (both Toyotas)

    90′s not old! Hazel McCallion is still mayor of Mississauga at 92 and doesn’t have time to bake she’s so busy opening stores and malls and visiting cultural group parties and so on. And with all those $$$ one can get some pretty tip top health help!

    • janesavers says:

      I did read that Mayor Hazel’s son got arrested today. Seems he hasn’t filed his taxes in quite a few years. I wonder what the children of the world’s richest woman are like? Children misbehaving is the cause of a lot of premature aging.

      No car washes this week. Freezing cold for the first few days and now it has warmed up enough for freezing rain. The sound of it hitting my windows makes me dread the trip to work tomorrow morning. I have a bit of cash for gas but I am out of money until the next pay cheque at the end of the month.

      I hope you get to stay home tomorrow Bet. Merry Christmas.

  4. 1. I feel bad for that woman who got outed. I’d rather have stayed anonymous. I hope they didn’t post a photo.

    2. Liliane Bettencourt may have a lot of money but her family life is in shambles and has strained relations with her daughter. Quite sad, really.

    3. We wash the car every other month or so. Just when it gets really filthy.

    4. We spent about $300 on Christmas food (buying the food to cook it, not pre-made meals). Then the electricity went out last night because of the ice storm and I FREAKED OUT that I’d have to throw it all in the garbage. Luckily they pulled it together.

    • janesavers says:

      The rich Canadian’s picture is now everywhere along with the photos of her home. She needs to move and get a new hair do.

      It must be very hard to be super wealthy. I would be very hard to raise normal children under such unusual circumstances.

  5. Nancy says:

    Why would you throw out all of that food? We have a natural fridge these days……it is called “the porch”. Year ago, we had friends visit from Australia. They thought it was a hoot that we used our garage as a second fridge/freezer depending on the temperature.

    • Bet Crooks says:

      Yep, that works. In a pinch you can even put a frozen turkey in a snow drift. I defy any animal to get a bite out of a frozen Butterball!

      I hope everyone who posted here earlier has power and the ice storm didn’t damage their property. It’s been wicked. Kingston got hit again, though not as badly in 1998. Toronto still has a quarter of a million homes without power.

      Stay safe!

      • janesavers says:

        My dog would spend the entire day trying to take a bite out of a frozen Butterball but any kind of animal proof containers could keep your food well frozen outside.

        I am happy to have power at home but a lot of my coworkers and their families continue to be without. Toronto is saying that the power may not be back on until after Christmas and with the temperature dropping, the wind picking up and every tree still full of ice more could be without power soon.

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