Financial Predictions For The Rest Of 2014


While governments in Canada and the United States are moving the minimum wage rates higher there won’t be any wage increases for public sector workers, middle class types and me.

Prediction:  An increasingly smaller middle class and I will continue to wonder if I am actually lower middle class or if I need to start referring to myself as a new income class called upper lower class.


Facebook is losing the young people and the middle aged women will get bored soon too.  Facebook is expanding to try and become more than just the Facebook site but buying other computer chatting and photograph sharing sites.

Prediction:  The stock price will fall.  It is time for profit taking.  If you are Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg you should be a good captain and go down with the ship.  No matter how much much Facebook falls apart Zuckerberg will never be a poor man because he, very sensibly, married a doctor.

Interest Rates

Russia is suddenly the biggest wild card in the world economy and Putin is thrilled about being such a big sh#* disturber.  China is in a big mess but still hiding it reasonably well but they can’t hold on forever.   The Canadian and American economies are not slowing down but they are not speeding up.

Prediction:  Interest rates will stay steady and unnaturally low for the rest of 2014 but then will begin an artificially slow rise in 2015.  If things get crazier in Russia then all bets are off.

Natural Resources We Need To Move And Stay Warm

Propane, natural gas and electricity rates have all had recent rises in costs but the future will be even worse.

Prediction:  More people at food banks and soup kitchens because they have to pay so much more to stay warm and keep the lights on.  The rest of us will have to make cuts in other areas to keep our personal budgets balanced.  That means less disposable income for shopping and eating fast food so less minimum wage jobs will be needed.

Food Prices

With rises in natural gas, propane and electricity rates.  All of those are necessary to produce and process food at every step.

Prediction:  a slow but steady rise in food prices and a rise in poverty rates in Canada and the USA.


Archie Will Be Reborn For A Little While

The Archie comic book franchise is killing off Archie this spring.  Like many different versions of print media comic books are struggling.  This is a desperate publicity stunt and will be followed, at some point in the fall, by Archie’s sudden rise from the dead.   Maybe he is reborn and maybe he was just in the witness protection program but it won’t stop the future.

Prediction:  the end of Archie in print form sometime in 2015

Computer Security

Hackers cost banks, businesses and governments millions if not billions of dollars in stolen funds every year and it costs millions if not billions to keep them out of computers they have no business messing with.

Predictions:  Businesses will begin to dump the responsibility for the losses on the clients who don’t change passwords or who share PINs with family members.

:Any one with children who are uncertain about their career future should consider computer security as a great career path.

Buying Power Of The Dollar

While the minimum wage will rise all prices around it will rise as well.  Utility costs and food costs will increase.   Look for rises in fast food prices as good indicator of where things are headed.

Prediction:   While minimum wage earners will see a rise in the amount of their pay cheque they won’t actually see much increase in their buying power.  They may have more but everything will cost more.  The rest of us will be paying more and not making more so the buying power of the dollar will be lower.

My Bottom Line

The end of my HELOC is nearing and I will move to being frugal to service debt to being frugal to save for my retirement.

Predictions:   I still won’t lose that 20 pounds I really need to lose.  That may not be a financial prediction but it is probably very accurate.



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26 Responses to Financial Predictions For The Rest Of 2014

  1. Jane,
    I hope you can get rid of that HELOC,I know it’s been weight you down for a while.

    • janesavers says:

      Watch for a big announcement in July or if that doesn’t work August at the latest.

      As long as nothing breaks.

  2. saverspender says:

    As a result, you should buy stocks that deal in energy to profit from the higher prices.

    Archie? ARCHIE? :) I used to be a huge Archie fan but then the stories were on repeat so I stopped buying / reading.

    • janesavers says:

      I have over 300 Archie comics here that belong to one of my sons who was also a big fan. Wonder if there is any value in those? He has a lot of student debt.

      Too bad I don’t have money for energy stocks right now. iShares has an energy focused ETF but I don’t know a thing about iShares so I don’t know if they are a good bet.

  3. I hate the prices of everything going up so significantly. It’s depressing. I feel like I’m starting to get into grandparent stories where I want to start everything with “back in my day, X was only one dollar!”

    • janesavers says:

      Everything goes up except my hourly wage. I will just have to continue to make cuts because I will never figure out how to make more money.

      A chocolate bar is now $1. I could get a mutli-pack of chocolate bars for a lot less at Costco but having a box of chocolate bars in the house would be very dangerous.

      • I did that once, thinking it would be a nice way to treat myself. I bought a convenience store sized box of the small Dairy Milks… yeah, I think they made it a week and a half! Waaaaaay too tempting, but I learned from that :)

        • janesavers says:

          If it is in the house then I will eat it. I have short term will power and while I can resist a temptation at the store I cannot resist at 10:00 at night after a stressful day.

      • BetCrooks says:

        Hey, Easter Chocolate will be on sale soon! Oops. I forgot we’re not supposed to have it or we’ll eat it. Hmmm. My brother doesn’t like chocolate–maybe I could stash it at his house?

        On a related frugality note, the Eastern Orthodox Easter is often after the Canadian calendar Easter. So a friend of mine gets the treats for her kids when they come on the 50%+ sales after the first Easter and still has them in time for the Bunny!

  4. Money Beagle says:

    Facebook figured out how to monetize without driving away too many people, which has led to the stock price doing very well, but I don’t see much opportunity to expand their model, which eventually will mean a stagnant or falling stock price.

    • janesavers says:

      The ads disappear on cell phones and that has hurt them. Things like Facebook are trendy and when they stop appealing to people who want to be trendy then Facebook will be in big trouble.

      How long can Twitter really last before the next big idea comes along?

  5. Bet Crooks says:

    Are you ok? I miss your posts!!

  6. I agree with you on Facebook and to be honest, I would love to see it succeed in some other way. They have the money and the talent to start buying up better acquisitions. I’m sure I’m going to take a lot of flak for saying this but I don’t consider Instagram a worthwhile acquisition, especially at that price. Even if the Facebook social media platform sticks around for a little while longer, expectations for profitability will be much higher than simple ads can generate, unless of course you’re Google.

  7. Nancy says:

    Where are you? I am worried.

  8. I have to say I agree with most all of these, Jane!! Except that 20 pounds – you can and will get it off. :-)

  9. debt debs says:

    OK Jane, you’ve been away too long without a word. I hope you are okay. Please get in touch with your blogger friends who are concerned about you, if you can.

  10. Anisa says:

    Jane……. Where are you??? Are you okay???

  11. Thank you for all the concern. I am very well.

    I came to the conclusion that I would never make any money on the things I write so I decided to stop posting. I didn’t think anyone would be concerned.

    I loved the writing and the comments but the daily marketing ( reading and commenting on many other blogs) was taking to much time. It had become a real chore instead of a joy. I tried posting without commenting but my readership dropped drastically without all marketing work.

    I guess I could have written a closing post but I really thought no one would notice.

    All is well. I am right on track for paying off HELOC the first week of July.

    Thank you for reading.


  12. debt debs says:

    Good to know, Jane. Alicia from FinDiffraction gave me a heads up recently so I was happy to hear you were okay.

    I did a shout out to you as one of my favourite blogs in an interview I did recently with Brian from Debt Discipline. I really enjoyed your dry sense of humour and could relate to your struggles managing your debt as we are doing the same.

    I hope after a rest, you may decide to continue to write, for your own enjoyment / therapy / whatever. Even if you only write every few weeks / once or month or when ever you feel like it. I will keep you on my feeder, hoping that you will return.

    If not, you could always consider writing a final hurrah blog post, but I’m sincerely hoping for the above.

    Take care, good luck with your journey and I hope we’ll hear more of you (notice how I keep asking?)

    debt debs

  13. BetCrooks says:

    I hope you’re doing well and that the HELOC is or very soon will be history!

    If you choose to start writing again, we’ll be happy to read more!

  14. Nancy says:

    Hi! Just checking in to say hello. Hope your summer was okay and that dreaded HELOC is just about gone.

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