A Financial Non-update for September 2013

PipesI was part way through a post that included a  financial update for the summer and my plans for the remaining 4 months of the year on Labour Day when I took a break to toss in a load of laundry.  Down the stairs and in to the basement laundry room with my arms full of sheets when suddenly my bare feet got very wet.  As any dog owner knows there is always the possibility of an accident and I was instantly horrified at the thought of what it was I had stepped in.   The relief of knowing I had only stepped in a giant puddle of water was quickly dampened by the big OH NO Continue reading

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Lady Driven And Less Than 100,000 KM

car-loans-largeThe odometer on my car clicked over to 93,000km this week.  A car with less than 100,000km is much more saleable than a car with a higher mileage.  There is something better about a car that is under 100,000km.  It is something mental that makes the car with just a few thousand less kilometres seem much more appealing than the car with 100,000km on it.

Is it time to sell my car?  I was very tempted this week.  Continue reading

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When To Sell, Rates Are Up, Windows Are Alarmed And Money Quickies For August 25,2013

$(KGrHqZ,!g4FBqJOdf4RBQj0hBUhH!~~60_35Difficult Partnerships When Finances Aren’t N’Sync

Former boy bands Backstreet Boys and New Kids On The Block are making a killing on their reunion tour that is selling out across North America.  Even if they were foolish as young men and blew all of their earnings on sex and drugs during the first shot at fame they are getting a second chance as middle aged men to make millions singing to the same group of fans that bought their records the first time around.   They might even make more money this time around.  All of those girls who screamed for them 20 years ago are now middle aged screamers with credit cards and  this time they can afford to buy really good seats and over-priced t-shirts. Continue reading

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Savers Are Sexier Than Spenders

Nothing is as sexy as a man with a big……

tumblr_lp67ztcQhX1qfmdpyo1_400 Continue reading

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Becoming Ruthless To Save Money

983971_267175366754158_594814075_nMy favourite television show is the Canadian reality show The Liquidator.  Star of the show and owner and mastermind behind the store Direct Liquidation, in Burnaby British Columbia is master negotiator Jeff.   Jeff buys and sells new merchandise of all types and buys and sells interesting used items as well.  I love to watch because he seems to best everyone in wheeling and dealing.  It is a little like watching a boxing match.  Someone is going to get hurt.  Jeff puts so much energy and emotion in to every transaction that he will just have a stroke and die during some heated negotiation.  That makes it a little like watching a NASCAR race – some people do watch those just for the crashes. Continue reading

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Almost 50 And Ready To Retire Today – Too Bad I Don’t Have Any Money

burn-500x320With just over $10,000 in my various retirement accounts I almost retired today.  With so little in funds to pay for my next 30 or 40 years I think it would have been more like quitting than retiring.   It has been a very long week and it is not even half over.

I love my job but some days I could use a break from it.  Maybe a long break.  With just over $10,000 saved and years until government pensions Continue reading

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Dorm Dollars, Pay Walls, No New Budget And Money Quickies For August 13, 2013


paywallPay Walls Have Me Locked Out

The Toronto Star has added a pay wall and that means another source of financial information is blocked for me.  That is almost a correct statement.  The Toronto Star has a terrible business and finance section  but I  go there to see what ridiculous embarrassing behaviour Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is up to this week.  It meant that I could then turn to the Globe and Mail and the Financial Post for business advice only and not news.  Each of the big 3 papers now limits me to 10 free articles per month. Continue reading

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Inspiration From Evel Knievel – DARE To Be Financially Independent

evelkThe other night I was watching 1 of those auction shows that are on several of the cable channels over and over again.  I am not sure which show it was because they all look alike.  Someone had got their hands on the late Evel Knievel’s  golf clubs and was looking for an estimate of their value.  We were treated to a little lesson about the man.  Turns out he did more than perform death defying motorcycle jumps, break every bone in his body and wear great outfits that I think were inspired by Elvis. Continue reading

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Financial Insecurity, A Neighbourhood Standard Driveway And Household Money Quickies For August 5, 2013

imagesCAN84ZCIA Driveway Worthy Of The Joneses

My asphalt driveway is 20ish years old and it shows every sag, wrinkle and crevice that comes with being old.  1 side of the driveway has a retaining wall and the entire driveway slopes in that direction.  Every time it rains bits of asphalt and the supporting gravel underneath washes out to the road.

I have been patching it with bags of filler and bottles of tar from Canadian Tire.  That has not stopped the decay that will eventually ruin the retaining wall.  It also looks pretty sad.  Faded grey and lumpy Continue reading

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Are All Of Your Financial Eggs In One Basket?

r-SOLAR-FLARE-large570I have 3 credit cards in my wallet.  American Express, President’s Choice MasterCard and TD Canada Trust Visa.   I keep 3 cards because they give me different bonuses for shopping at different places.   That seems to be enough cards and if 1 is compromised or that company’s computers have crashed or (God forbid) 1 card is maxed out I still have 2 back up cards.

Safety in numbers with the credit cards but all my eggs in 1 banking basket for debt and savings and investments.   Continue reading

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